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Make Top-of-Mind Awareness Work for YOU!

Are you known as dependable, expert, and memorable in your profession? You’d better be if you truly seek to achieve and maintain business success.

Your customers make their buying decisions based on sellers (people!) they know and trust or who are referred by a trusted advisor. Your success in attracting business depends on being at the top of the list when a buying decision is to be made. That’s what top of mind awareness is all about.

Your objective is to be highly visible and positively perceived by your TOMA Audience – customers, referral partners and prime prospects.

When your products/services are needed, you’re not likely to be included in the bidding unless your name is immediately first, or at worst, second in the mind of the buyer. Networking and expanding the circle of people that you know is important, but not as important as nurturing people who know you.

People really know you when you are memorable for what you bring to the table both personally and professionally. Be known for your professional expertise as well as your trustworthiness, dependability and reputation to deliver as promised and on time.

Your best customer is your competitors’ best prospect. Do you have a better handle on how to stay top of mind with your TOMA Audience than your business rivals? Make it part of your daily planning to do so. “How to” are discussed in other blogs.