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PUBLIC SPEAKING PERFECTION or… Making Your Butterflies Fly in Formation One of the absolute best ways to position yourself as a thought leader and industry expert is as a featured public speaker. The opportunities are manifold to get in front of meaningful groups with an informational message that is perceived as valuable by the audience. […]

Brand Awareness = Top of Mind Awareness

Let’s not “split hairs” trying to define the difference – brand awareness and top of mind awareness are synonymous. They mean the same thing. Simply put, both terms underscore the critical importance to ensure that … when its time to buy your product or service … your prospects and referral partners (your TOMA Audience) think of you first as […]


ATTAINING & MAINTAINING TOP-OF-MIND AWARENESS With Customers, Referral Partners and Prospects To maintain strong, enduring and successful relationships with your TOMA Audience (customers, referral partners and prime prospects), you need to be top-of-mind. What percentage of the people you are marketing or selling to are ready to buy today … this week … this month? […]


CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Doing Well by Doing Good Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to business practices that involve participating in initiatives that benefit society. CSR has considerably more impact for small/mid-size businesses than just the direct benefit to the community and the environment. Not to downplay those key outcomes, but in addition to the community […]

Be Notable

To attain and maintain top-of-mind awareness with your TOMA Audience (customers, referral partners & prime prospects) be notable. If your brand is notable, that means it is important and maybe even famous in the eyes of your TOMA Audience, plus – Conspicuous, distinguished, eminent, evident, great, high profile, impressive, memorable, momentous, nameable, outstanding, preeminent, prominent, […]

Ignore the Long-Term at Your Own Peril!

Every day you are on the hunt to do more business, sell more, increase your following and expand your market share. And that’s both necessary and admirable. However, don’t ignore your top of mind awareness audience (TOMA Audience) that is not ready to buy today, but surely will be when the need arises. Your job […]

LEVERAGE FOR SMALL BUSINESSES – The Multiplier Effect for Growth

LEVERAGE FOR SMALL BUSINESSES The Multiplier Effect for Growth Leverage: [lev-er-ij] noun power or ability to act or to influence people, events, decisions, etc.; sway Enhance your “sway”! Apply some, or all, of the following levers to enhance your success. Website In this day and age, the first place someone looks to know about your […]

Do You Want to Call or Be Called for New Business?

Studies are very clear – only 3% of your prospects and customers are ready to buy today. And yet most advertising and promotions are directed at the 97% who are not ready to make a buying decision – yet. Buy from us today! Special sales price! Limited time offer!And on and on. Here’s an added dimension [...]


PAPERLESS SOCIETY IS HERE Not!! To paraphrase the famous Mark Twain quote, “The reports of the death of paper have been greatly exaggerated.” Wait, you say! My computer mailbox is chock-a-block full with emails, solicitations, webinar invitations and blog posts. No question. That’s a universe we all share. However, electronic communication media have not totally […]

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