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The Multiplier Effect

Do you post on social media? If not … why not? If you do … is it grounded in a clear-cut strategy to multiply the value of each and every post? Let’s take a look at posting as a free element in your marketing mix, and then how to multiply your ROI with no additional effort.

Posting with a Purpose - Top of Mind Communications

If Not … Why Not

The name of the marketing game for small/mid-size businesses is VISIBILITY! The six words you never want to hear said about you or your company is, “Out of Sight … Out of Mind”. Regularly posting on social media delivers that visibility plus, when properly planned, will position you as a thought-leader and industry expert with prospects, first-time customers and referral partners.

So what are the payoffs?

  • Strengthen relationships with your current customer base to retain their loyalty.
  • Cross-sell and upsell your products and services.
  • Enhance your referral resource partners’ understanding of your work to better enable them to recognize opportunities to help you.
  • Attract new business

The most important media at any point in time is what people are currently paying attention to. Historically, you can point to flyers, posters, newspapers and other print forms of communication. That was followed by, and often replaced by radio and TV. In this digital age, social media is the platform of choice with an emphasis on delivery via mobile devices. As a matter of fact, the average American spends 47.1% of the day on digital devices – increasingly mobile.

The question once again, “Do you post on social media … if not, why not?”

Posting with a Purpose - Top of Mind Communications Article

If You Do …

… is it grounded in a clear-cut strategy to multiply the value of each and every post?

In seeking to establish yourself as a thought leader and industry expert, your posts must project that you are someone whose opinions, research and insight are to be trusted.

Your posts should be crafted to attract target audiences that include customers (past & present), key prospects, referral sources, decision-influencers and vendors serving entities in your target audiences.

Your ideal social media will be determined by whether you serve business clients (B2B) or consumers (B2C). Currently, B2B posts should include LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. In contrast B2C posts should be Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For a more detailed description of social media and its value, Click here to read how Dave Saunders, a recognized expert on social media marketing, offers guidance.

An editorial calendar is indispensable. Nothing fancy, just an Excel spreadsheet with dates, post topics and where posted.

Relevant content is a must! Posts that will engage your readers, build your credibility and drive leads that convert to sales. Whatever the topic, it should demonstrate perceived value to your readers and further position you as a valuable resource for guidance and advice.

Notably, everything you post does not have to be uniquely yours. Curation is the word for researching material and presenting it in a meaningful way to your audiences … always with appropriate credit given to your information resources. For example, you may find articles of interest as it relates to customer service. You may choose to write a brief introduction, summary and commentary that ties the info to your readers’ needs, coupled with links to the sources that created the supportive documents.

Also, your posts don’t need to be long. Length is to be determined based on the topic and the intended distribution channel. For example, if you belong to a LinkedIn group, you may be posting an article of 1,000 or more words … or a quote of relatively few words that will resonate with your group members.

The key is consistency. Use your editorial calendar to keep you on a frequent posting schedule.

The Multiplier Effect - Top of Mind Communications

As Promised … The Multiplier Effect

Here comes the multiplier effect. Write your post and then consider how you can turbo-charge your marketing exposure for free and further bolster your image as a thought leader. Here are your opportunities for publicity. Post in some or all of the following publishing channels.

  • Your website … under a tab for blogs or a directory of articles.
  • Your blog … as a stand-alone, recurring distribution.
  • Your Online Groups … for example, LinkedIn and Facebook provide numerous options to participate in groups with members who will welcome your information sharing that is perceived as relevant to helping grow their businesses.
  • Convert to a webinar … record and offer it on your website and general email distribution lists.
  • Record as an instructional video … sign up for a YouTube account and publicize availability to your target audiences.
  • Submit to trade publications … well-written, newsworthy information will often be accepted and published.
  • Present as a speech topic to trade/community groups … service clubs and professional associations are on the lookout for speakers on topical subjects.
  • Collate into an e-book … organize your articles and blogs in a sequence that may be distributed, or sold, as an e-book – distributed electronically at no cost to you.
  • Repurpose under different labels … with few if any edits, publish/distribute as a White Paper, Point of View (POV) piece or instructional guide.

More exposure for your posts may include “repurposing” them. Some examples:

  • Letters to editor … interestingly, many readers do not distinguish between a published article and a letter to the editor. The key is to get in print.
  • Case Studies … we all love stories. It’s a great way to spotlight a customer and simultaneously tell an instructional tale.
  • Seek and publish testimonials and reviews … recommendations on LinkedIn, Likes on Facebook and virtually any other flattering comments via any channel.
  • Comment on other people’s blogs … again, LinkedIn, Facebook and other professional groups you belong to are all excellent vehicles.
  • Press Releases … something noteworthy about your business, don’t hesitate to let it be known. Submit to publications that serve your industry and that of your target audiences.
  • Holiday, birthday and thank you email posts … Idea: Include a special offer/discount/coupon as part of your celebratory message.
  • Join forums … and participate in discussions.
  • Update your website … frequently with your posts and other articles, blogs and virtually any relevant information perceived as valuable to your target audiences.

Now back to the initial questions:

Do you post on social media? If not … why not?

If you do … is it grounded in a clear-cut strategy to multiply the value of each and every post?