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Be Notable

To attain and maintain top-of-mind awareness with your TOMA Audience (customers, referral partners & prime prospects) be notable. If your brand is notable, that means it is important and maybe even famous in the eyes of your TOMA Audience, plus – Conspicuous, distinguished, eminent, evident, great, high profile, impressive, memorable, momentous, nameable, outstanding, preeminent, prominent, […]

Ignore the Long-Term at Your Own Peril!

Every day you are on the hunt to do more business, sell more, increase your following and expand your market share. And that’s both necessary and admirable. However, don’t ignore your top of mind awareness audience (TOMA Audience) that is not ready to buy today, but surely will be when the need arises. Your job […]

LEVERAGE FOR SMALL BUSINESSES – The Multiplier Effect for Growth

LEVERAGE FOR SMALL BUSINESSES The Multiplier Effect for Growth Leverage: [lev-er-ij] noun power or ability to act or to influence people, events, decisions, etc.; sway Enhance your “sway”! Apply some, or all, of the following levers to enhance your success. Website In this day and age, the first place someone looks to know about your […]

Do You Want to Call or Be Called for New Business?

Studies are very clear – only 3% of your prospects and customers are ready to buy today. And yet most advertising and promotions are directed at the 97% who are not ready to make a buying decision – yet. Buy from us today! Special sales price! Limited time offer!And on and on. Here’s an added dimension [...]


PAPERLESS SOCIETY IS HERE Not!! To paraphrase the famous Mark Twain quote, “The reports of the death of paper have been greatly exaggerated.” Wait, you say! My computer mailbox is chock-a-block full with emails, solicitations, webinar invitations and blog posts. No question. That’s a universe we all share. However, electronic communication media have not totally […]

PROMOTING YOUR BRAND Brand Awareness = Top of Mind Awareness

PROMOTING YOUR BRAND Brand Awareness = Top of Mind Awareness Let’s not “split hairs” trying to define the difference – brand awareness and top of mind awareness are synonymous. They mean the same thing. Simply put, both terms underscore the critical importance to ensure that … when it’s time to buy your product or service […]

BRANDING THAT DELIVERS … a 3 Legged Stool of Support

  BRANDING THAT DELIVERS … a 3 Legged Stool of Support Now we can make this real complicated and academically opaque, or we can get down to the essence of branding for small businesses. The latter is the chosen route. Branding identifies a company and its products/services in a way that is both memorable and […]

Top-of-Mind Awareness – The 3 R’s

Top-of-Mind Awareness – The 3 R’s Create Top-of-Mind Awareness with your TOMA Audience. Be the 1st brand to come to mind when a buying decision is to be made for your product or service. Here’s the formula. Repetitive. Relevant. Remarkable. Repetitive – Not a one-shot deal. Your poison is to be out-of-site, out-of-mind. Stay in front of your TOMA […]

Make Top-of-Mind Awareness Work for YOU!

Are you known as dependable, expert, and memorable in your profession? You’d better be if you truly seek to achieve and maintain business success. Your customers make their buying decisions based on sellers (people!) they know and trust or who are referred by a trusted advisor. Your success in attracting business depends on being at […]


How to Emphasize One and Avoid the Other How many times have you heard (from your boss, parent, significant other), “What we have here is a failure to communicate”? No wonder! One startling reason is that we are not taught to communicate in proportion to the channels we use. Take a look. Listening Speaking Reading Writing […]

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